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Europress Balex 50Waste compactorsPOA
Arjes VZ 750Construction CrushersPOA
Others Kampwerth/Presto CC 36 - kanalballepresserWaste compressorsPOA
Untha RS40CrushersPOA
Europress Combio 10Waste sorting equipmentPOA
Others SigteOtherPOA
Others Transportbånd, V-båndConveyorsPOA
Others FilterpresseOtherPOA
Others ReTec FS 0-30OtherPOA
Others KAMPWERTH SP-PET sneglepresseWaste compactorsPOA
Others TransportbåndConveyorsPOA
BSV E2-100OtherPOA
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